It’s the bike sharing scheme of Comunità Riviera Friulana, available in the municipalities of Palazzolo dello Stella, Precenicco and Lignano Sabbiadoro. You can rent an e-bike or normal bike from a stationand return it in the same or in another one.Download the Weelo app to discover the availability of stations and bikes.

Just download the Weelo app, sign up and select the subscription  “Estate 2023”. The service is free of charge!

Important notice: to guarantee a bike for eveyone the maximum rental duration is 6 hour per day.

Log in, go on the map and select the station and the bike you want to take. When you hear the bips just pull the bike and…enjoy your ride! To return the bike just push it into an empty rack. Please check that the bike is correctly docked when you finish.

The subscription is personal and only allows you to rent one bicycle at a time. If you use the service as a group, each person must have their own account on Weelo.

Yes, only people over the age of 16 can sign up on Weelo and rent bikes.

You can ride the bikes of FRIBIKE only in the streets of Palazzolo dello Stella, Precenicco and Lignano Sabbiadoro.

No, there is no insurance either for the bicycle handler or for any damage caused to people or things by the bicycle handler.

No, the bike must be docked in the stations. It is not allowed parking them outside the stations.

No, the service is available 24/7.

You can find Terms&Conditions at this link.

Call us everyday from 7 to 21 at 011-0142646.

Write us on WhatsApp  or send us a picture to report a issue.

For payment problems or refund requests write to