When we say that at Weelo we love your bicycle, we mean it! Find out three simple and cheap methods to park you bicycle safely in town.

Weelo HUB

Weelo HUB is our modular solution for cities and towns, conceived for all the places where it is important for you to find a parking place for your bike, e.g. at the railways station, in front of a school or at the university. You can park your bicycle here in complete safety with many other bikes: it  will be monitored by video surveillance 24 hours a day.

Size 6.05 x 11.80 meters
Usage areas intermodal nodes and highly frequented areas
Number of bicycles Up to 80
Videosurveillance Yes

Weelo BOX

Weelo BOX is our bicycle parking space for city streets. It is as convenient as bus stops, because you find one every 300 or 500 meters and it takes up little space: just the one needed for your bicycle. And on top of that, Weelo BOX makes your town more beautiful and orderly! Did you know that a car parking place takes up the space of 10 bicycles?

Size Car parking place
Usage areas City centre
Number of bicycles 8, 12, 16, 20
Videosurveillance Yes

Weelo IN

Weelo IN is the tool that allows you to park your bike in total safety in existing bicycle parking  stations, accessing with our system.

You can count on a Weelo parking place where and when you want by reserving it from our app. And you are immediately in!