We love bikes.

We love bikes.

Let's bike towards the future.

Weelo offers solutions to make life easier for cyclists and to encourage new riders. Weelo is the first network of bike stations that allows cities to revamp their look with tidy parking and well-designed and sustainable urban furniture. Because we believe cycling is always a good idea.

Weelo’s mission is to inspire people to improve their lives and their living spaces with environmentally sustainable solutions which are good for their health. Like riding a bicycle!

The protagonist of mobility

Bicycle is the simplest, most economical and eco-friendly means of transport ever invented.

For us at Weelo, it is the undisputed protagonist of mobility.

Weelo is the first bike sharingbike parking and bike rental network that allows cities to give themselves a makeover with structures designed to encourage cycling and to integrate harmoniously into the territory.

5 good reasons to saddle up

You live better

Riding a bicycle is an amazing method to fight stress and calm your mind.

You save money

Can you imagine reducing your oil expenses? With Weelo your wallet will smile too!

You keep fit

10 minutes of bike riding every day will boost your metabolism and help your blood circulation!

You have more time

How many things can you do in the time you are looking for parking or stuck in traffic?

You smile more!

Riding a bicycle is an excellent way to produce endorphins, the neurotransmitters of happiness.

Weelo is thinking to 2030

Did you know that Weelo is a way to help achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030-2030? We believe in the importance of more livable cities and happier communities, and we’re working hard to create them!

To learn more, visit the website sdgs.un.org.

Let's bike together towards the future

From big cities to small villages, each community possesses its unique character and demands tailored mobility planning.

Bicincitta Italia unveils transformative solutions to revolutionize people’s commuting experiences, offering products and services seamlessly integrated into the urban landscape.

Schedule a consultation with us to craft a sustainable mobility project customized for your locality.

How do you get around?

Do you already use a bike for your daily commute? Tell us more about your habits by filling out this short questionnaire. It will help us understand how to bring Weelo to your city.