A Safe Parking Place for your Bicycle in Town

For people who ride around town, for cyclists who want to protect their bicycles from bad weather and for those who want to keep them safe from theft, WEELO is the first network of parking stations for private bicycles, for residents and tourists. Here you find shelter, video surveillance, night lighting, recharge for e-bikes and a place equipped for repairs and tyre inflation. An ecological and practical solution which protects your bicycle and decorates your town.

Digital Mapping

Download our app, access with your e-mail address and find the nearest parking among our bicycle parking stations all over Italy.

Modular Bike Parking Stations

Each WEELO bicycle parking station has the needed size. Long, short, split or joined, to adapt to the aesthetics and needs of every urban space.

For a Smart City

Did you think it was just for parking? WEELO means also digital communication and technologies for environmental monitoring, completely integrated in your bicycle parking station.

Opening time: 6.00-23.00

Tuscan Bike-station

Nella città di Parma con Weelo Hub potrai ricoverare la tua amica a 2 ruote in un luogo riparato dagli agenti atmosferici, tutelato dai sistemi di sorveglianza e sistemi di controllo accessi, che ti permetteranno di concentrarti al meglio sulle tue attività senza doverti preoccupare di niente altro.

Weelo Hub Toscana è dotata delle tecnologie più recenti per permetterti di usufruire del servizio in modo facile, agevole ed intuitivo: l’accesso è possibile solo agli utenti ed al personale autorizzato, oggi con l’utilizzo della Smart Card “Mi Muovo”.

Hai la card “mi muovo”e Vuoi iscriverti al servizio?

Already registered?

Fino a settembre 2022 l’accesso al Weelo Hub Toscana sarà gratuito per i possessori della Smart Card “Mi Muovo”.

La Smart Card “Mi Muovo” è un supporto elettronico della Regione Emilia Romagna che può contenere vari abbonamenti come ad esempio quello al bike sharing e al trasporto pubblico locale.

Se non possiedi la Smart Card “Mi Muovo” puoi acquistarla al costo di 5 euro presso La Cicletteria o presso la TEP:

Weelo’s mission is to inspire people to improve their lives and their living spaces with environmentally sustainable solutions which are good for their health. Like riding a bicycle!

Five good reasons to saddle up.

Live better:

riding a bicycle is an amazing method to fight stress and calm your mind.

Save money:

Can you imagine reducing your petrol expenses? With Weelo your wallet will smile too!

Stay fit:

10 minutes of bike riding every day will boost your metabolism and help your blood circulation!

Have more time:

how many things can you do in the time spared from looking for a parking place or finding a solution for a delayed train?

Smile more!

Riding a bicycle is an excellent way to produce endorphins, the neurotransmitters of happiness.

We put a stop to what is wrong.

Bicycle theft greatly discourages people who want to get around by bike. Weelo is the first circuit of bicycle parking stations that helps cities to get a new look thanks to orderly parking and a neat and sustainable street furniture, encouraging at the same time people who prefer to use two wheels rather than four.

Weelo thinks from now to 2030.

Did you know that Weelo is a way to help reach the 17 sustainable goals of UN’s 2020-2030 agenda? We believe in the importance of more livable cities and happier communities and work hard to create them!

For more information visit sdgs.un.org.

And how do you get around?

Do you already use a bicycle for getting around daily? Please tell us more about your habits by filling in this short questionnaire, it will help us to understand how to bring Weelo to your city.