Weelo Hub

Weelo HUB is a modular bicycle parking station conceived for all the places where it is important for you to find a parking place for your bike, e.g. at the railway station, in front of a school or at the university. The Weelo HUB allows to park bicycles in complete security thanks to h24 videosurveillance.
Weelo Hub

Technical data

Size of 40 place Weelo HUB cm 605 x cm 605
Size of 80 place Weelo HUB cm 605 x cm 1.180
Bearing structure Steel profiles
Infills Glass, expanded and full metal sheet panels
Bicycle racks Hight density on 2 levels
Systems Variable density LED lights, videosurveillance,
emergency intercom, UPS
Equipment Bike Lab for bike repairs, plugs for e-bike chargers


The Weelo HUB has a regular shape, allowing an optimum use of space: inside, the bicycle rack modules can be set up on two levels. Thanks to particular leverage sets, these modules allow to easily park your bicycle and lock it with your own padlock. For best security, the Weelo HUB is equipped with a h 24 videosurveillance system, interior lighting always on and intercom in case of emergency calls. The equipment is completed by plugs for e-bike chargers and the bike lab, a useful work station for tyre inflation and bike repairs.


The Weelo HUB is made up of repeatable modules that are very easy to assemble. It results from the planimetric union of several square modules of 5750×5850 mm. Thanks to its regular shape, each module allows several planimetric solutions: linear, multiple rows, L-or cross configuration. Modules are connected to each other thanks to the simple connection system between counter and crosspiece. The high compositional freedom also allows planimetric changes and the possibility to add up new units over time. The bike racks are positioned following a repetitive pattern of the basic 10 place modules on two levels. The whole structure, the covering, the infills, the automatic access door and the bike racks can be disassembled and reused: after removing the glass plates, the roofing and the door, all bolts are removed, including those for ground fixing, and the disassembled structure can be put away to be reused when needed.
WEELO HUB 40 spaces
WEELO HUB 80 spaces


The bearing structure is made of galvanized tubular steel profiles with brackets and flanges made of pre-drilled laser-cut steel sheet. The infill panels have generously sized slots at the top to allow the necessary air circulation inside the structure, thanks also to the spaces between the panels. The infills can be of tempered and laminated glass plates or in full or perforated/expanded steel plates, therefore allowing three different types of closures. The roofing is with double pitch, made of sandwich panels and resting on the metal frame; the pitch slope is completely concealed by the section of the support beams and is therefore invisible to the eye.  The drainpipes for the drainage of rainwater, that is channelled by an eavestrough system put on the roofing, are inside the abutments. The structure is accessed by means of an automatic sliding door, a device with servo-assisted movement activated by the system of access control, equipped with a redundant engine and accumulators adequately sized to allow functioning also in case of power failure. The door, of course, is also certified as emergency exit, in compliance with UNI EN 16005 regulations. The access door too is made of glass, with painted aluminium frame.

Style and Customized Graphics

The Weelo HUB bicycle parking station is completely customizable according to any dedicated corporate identity projects. A system of horizontal and vertical signage inside the structure gives users directions about the main functions and the places where to park their bicycles.


Thanks to the Weelo IN device, access to the Weelo Hub is controlled in real time and permissions to access are regulated by the Weelo back-end. Registered users can access according to the selected profile using their credit and can accredit both with the app and using their mobility smartcard, such as the public transport card.

Weelo App

Our Weelo APP has been conceived with the aim of making the bike parking structures of our network easily available in a very intuitive way. After registering and buying the service with their credit card, users can access the bike places directly with their smartphones, by simply framing a QR code. Easiness is the first goal: our continuous surveys help us to keep users’ experience updated, intuitive and in line with the registered needs. With app the purchase can be paid by credit card, debit card and soon with the main electronic payment tools, such as Satispay.