Weelo Box

Weelo BOX is the solution to create a widespread network of safe parking places for citizens’ bicycles. It has an attractive design and can be easily installed in the streets and squares of your town, without the need of electrical connections. The space of a car park can lodge up to 8 bicycles!

Technical data

Size 8 places – 497 X 201 cm (approx. one car parking space)
Usage areas Every street or square, in a widespread manner in town
Number of bicycles 8, 12, 16, 20
Accessories videosurveillance, bike lab, air quality sensors, digital billboard
Colour customizable, RAL colours


The box interior is equipped with a hook for the helmet, vest or any other personal object and can be decorated on one side with customized graphics showing the deposit rules. A LED lamp lights up when the door is opened and can be kept on at low intensity also after closing the door, to be able to distinguish the occupied boxes from the available ones.


The Weelo BOX is versatile and modular: it is possible to add up bike spaces horizontally, or stack up the boxes on two levels, on top of each other. This construction method allows to increase or decrease the number of boxes, according to the flexibility of demand in time.
Weelo Box


The bike box is entirely made of galvanized and painted pressfolded steel sheet, appropriately sized and of variable thickness. The box is composed by a bearing structure that allows to assemble several modules by means of stainless steel joint bolting. The inner walls as well are made of painted steel sheet, mechanically fixed to the bearing structure with screws. The access door, a distinctive element of the Weelo design, is composed by a bearing structure of galvanized and painted pressfolded steel sheet and a full/empty infill created by the juxtaposition (thanks to the particular form of the frame) of a smooth sheet and a perforated sheet, that allows to see inside and lets air circulate. The door of the single bike box has been conceived to ensure the best protection against break-in attempts: the hinges and the electromechanical lock are in a protected and inaccessible position, so as to guarantee a high security level and a smart design.

Style and Customized Graphics

The Weelo BOX is characterized by inclined stripes, a sign referring to public space: pedestrian crossings, the inclined lines of warning tapes, building site graphics. An element belonging to all of us that with Weelo becomes an opportunity of recognizability and character. The full/empty alternation is a distinctive element: the empty effect results in fact from a perforated metal sheet that ensures air circulation, allows to see the courtesy light coming from inside and keeps the bike parking place cool and dry. The Weelo pattern can be customized to the town and area where it is installed, thus making each box unique. Seven base colours are available; the box can have one single colour, two colours or a match of different colours. The dialogue with public space is important, and giving a unique character to each intervention and each product that furnishes the town is an essential sign of respect for urban space.


The purpose of the Weelo BOX is to offer users a high level of security from theft and vandalism. Its structure has been designed to resist theft attempts: the thickness of the metal sheet and the position of the door hinges, protected and unreachable, make Weelo Box the safest place where to park your bike in town. Thanks to the remote control, only the bike’s owner can access the bike parking place, after registration and online payment.

Weelo App

Our app allows citizens and tourists to register and use the network of Weelo bike parking places directly from their smartphone, and pay by credit card and the main online payment services. With the Weelo app, it is possible to know in real time the availability of parking places and to reserve one with a simple tap. Thanks to the Weelo app, our parking places are accessible h 24, without the need of staff; if necessary, users can contact our customer care service for reports or requests of assistance.