Bike Sharing is a public service available to everyone with the aim of facilitating short journeys in Sestri Levante, it offers a valid alternative to the car while still guaranteeing rapid travel, easy parking and helping to improve mental and physical health and environmental quality.

It is the automated bicycle rental service of Sestri Levante. You can pick up a bicycle at a station in one of the participating municipalities, pedal for the time you need, and return it when you no longer need it at the same station or at another.
Download the Weelo app to view active stations and available bikes in real time.

Simply register on the Weelo app and purchase a subscription according to your needs. When you’re ready, select the station and bike you want to use on the app and it will unlock as if by magic. For return, insert the bike in one of the free columns and make sure it remains firmly anchored at the end of the rental.

With the Weelo app, downloadable for free on all Apple and Android smartphones.

  • Giornaliero (One Day) with 5 hours of cycling included: 8 Euro
  • Weekend (Two Days) with 10 hours of cycling included: 12 Euro
  • Sette giorni (Seven Days) with 25 hours of cycling included: 20 Euro
  • Annuale (Yearly) with 5 Euros of bikes included: 25 Euros
    First hour: free
    Next hours: 1.00 Euro

The use of only one bicycle per person is foreseen; if you are in a group, everyone must have their own account and purchase their own subscription.

Absolutely not! It is prohibited by the regulation and you risk the immediate blocking of your account.

Use is permitted for people over the age of 16.

There is no insurance for the bicycle driver or for third parties.

No, the bicycle must be placed inside a column and parking outside of them is forbidden.

The service is available every day, including holidays, from 6am to 10pm.

Check the terms and contitions at this link.

Our Customer Care is available everyday from 7 to 21 calling 011-0142628.

You can also write us on WhatsApp  and send us a photo to report an issue.

For payment problems or refund requests write to help@weelo.it.