Weelo’s mission is to inspire people to improve their lives and their living spaces with environmentally sustainable solutions that are also good for their health. Like riding a bicycle!

5 good reasons to saddle up

You live better:

riding is an excellent method to fight stress and calm your mind.

You spare money

your fuel expenses will be reduced. With Weelo, your wallet will smile too!

You keep fit

riding for 10 minutes every day is enough to speed up metabolism and help blood circulation!

You have more time

how many things can you do in the time spared from looking for a parking place or finding a solution for a delayed train?

You smile more!

Riding a bicycle is an excellent way to produce endorphins, the neurotransmitters of happiness.

We put a stop to what is wrong.

Bicycle theft greatly discourages people who want to get around by bike.  Weelo is the first circuit of bicycle parking stations that helps cities to get a new look thanks to orderly parking and a neat and sustainable street furniture, encouraging at the same time people who prefer to use two wheels rather than four.

Weelo thinks from now to 2030.

Did you know that Weelo is a way to help reach the 17 sustainable goals of UN’s 2020-2030 agenda? We believe in the importance of more livable cities and happier communities and work hard to create them!

And how do you get around?

Do you already use a bicycle for getting around daily? Please tell us more about your habits by filling in this short questionnaire, it will help us to understand how to bring Weelo to your city.